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To promote our Internet-Marketing-Plattform we renounce the classic marketing approach.Instead we use our own ABO affiliate program.

Every participant recruiting new affiliates in our affiliate program can make a great passive monthly income.

Support your favourite club

As ABO-Partner you support our Internet-Marketing-Plattform and your favourite club.

ABO affiliates recruit ABO affiliates – and everyone profits

To recruit new subscribers (affiliates) we provide the following link www.LECOvital.com/abo-partnerprogramm.

Our ABO-Community can be joined by everyone over the age of 18 years with an email-address and a bank account.

Great passive income – Monthly compensations

Each ABO affiliate can recruit five new affiliates.

All ABO affiliates a stored in our ABO-compensation plan.

From this we compensate each ABO affiliate (based on the closed 5×4 matrix unit) up to 625 affiliates for 20.00 EURO each.

Each ABO affiliate can build a monthly passive income of up to 12.500,00 EURO.

ABO-compensation plan

ABO affiliates Commission Monthly income
5 € 20,00 € 100,00
25 € 20,00 € 500,00
125 € 20,00 € 2500,00
625 € 20,00 € 12.500,00

For the provision and the technical use of our ABO affiliate program we charge a fee of about EURO 3,33 per day .

This monthly fee of EURO 100,00 will be debited form the account.

Decide to become an ABO affiliate NOW and start a live without financial worries!


Your administration

Each affiliate has their own back office. Here you will find your personalized LECOvital Web-Link and your affiliate, revenue and premium statistics.  Affiliate programme login

Your settlement

The monthly settlement takes place at the end of each calendar month and will be transferred to your PayPal account. PayPal-account

Your pay-outs

Monthly pay-outs take place up from an accumulated premium sum of EURO 100,00. Only ABO affiliates with an active fee subscription are entitled to receive pay-outs.

Your tax liability

The responsibility for the tax assessment of your commission income lies with you. You commit yourself to announce these independently at the tax office responsible for you.

Your cancellation

Your subscription is valid indefinitely and can be cancelled by you in your Pay-Pal account at any time. After canceling your subscription you are no longer entitled to any further pay-outs from the next month onwards.

Your banners

If you have your one website you can upload our banners attach the link to our ABO affiliate programme www.lecovital.com/abo-partnerprogramm.


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