Company and philosophy

The business-world is changing

The business of the 21. century!

Companies like General Motors or General Electric are companies of the industrial age.

Franchise chains like Mc Donalds, Subway, the UPS Store and all the others are transitional models, that spread from the ground to bridge the gap from the industrial age to the information age.

Community companies are companies of the information age as they do not focus on physical bssiness but on pure information.


Our internet-marketing-plattform is one such community-company.

It’s a global business model of the information age that presents it self, world wide, in a virtual and not physical way.


The main business area of our internet-platform are not the products presented on our platform(they are interchangeable) but the community-network through which the products are moved on the community-market.


The task of our community-partners is not to present and sell products but to spread information and to extend the network.

For this your get lucrative bonus payments.


It is a fair, democratic and social information-business through which we help to fulfill wishes and dreams:

  • House, apartment, car, dream vacation
  • Tuition fees for the children or grandchildren
  • Pension plan or supplementary pension
  • Basic income for the self-employed, small business owners, freelancers and part-time workers
  • Income even if you lose your job due to a recession, accident or illness



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